Child and Spousal Support

Our Child Support Lawyers Are Always on Your Team

We believe that your children are entitled to a healthy and well-supported life, which includes any financial needs they may have. When looking for the best child support lawyers in Massachusetts, you need someone on your side that fights for what is best for your children. Let the Law Office of Sally A. Kinder take care of every aspect of receiving child support both during and after a divorce has taken place. In fact, there are many cases in which child support is completely separate from divorce, especially in cases where the couple was never married. By hiring us, you get the comprehensive answers you need for any legal questions you may have. Contact us today for help with the following:

· an Existing Agreement
·  Temporary Orders
·  Establishing Paternity
·  Securing Delinquent Payments

Depend on a Team That Understands Finance

The amount that a custodial parent gets in child support is based
on a variety of factors. These include the combined income prior
​to the divorce, the current income of the non-custodial parent, the number of children involved, and health insurance costs. Our child support lawyers will present the best case possible to the court, investigating all of the relevant details ahead of time so that we are fully prepared for negotiation. Contact us today to begin the process of examining your case so we can get you the support money your child is entitled to.

Call today to learn about all of your options for receiving the child support you need to survive. We are proud to represent Natick, MA, and the surrounding area.