The relationship between a landlord and a tenant extends beyond a financial transaction. Disputes can arise over security deposits, repairs, evictions, and breaches of contract. In some cases, there are clear answers. When the situation becomes muddled, you need the help of an experienced and trained lawyer. Turn to the Law Office of Sally A. Kinder for astute legal
counsel regarding landlord-tenant laws in Massachusetts. seasoned professionals, we have the knowledge, experience, and skills to resolve any contract issues you’re having. We understand that emotions can run high during a rental dispute. As a tenant, you need a place to live and as a landlord, managing properties may be your sole source of income. Count on our firm to listen attentively to your case and provide a comprehensive and thorough solution.

Lawyers Review Your Lease Agreement

The best way to avoid any confusion is to have a clear, outlined lease agreement drawn up. Both parties, whether you’re a landlord or tenant, need to be protected and should know each other’s respective rights. With our help, we can help you avoid potentially awkward and
uncomfortable situations.

Our focus is on putting your needs and interests first. Depend on our firm for a thorough and ample review of your rental agreement.
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